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Christina D

Thank you for helping out our NorCal team with a virtual sub case! You did a phenomenal job representing TES and working with with the school and our office team. Thank you for stepping up to help us out. You are a hero!

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Carol B.

I am in awe of the way Carol worked with an extremely difficult student in clinic. The student was cowering in a corner and yelling about not participating. Carol kindly set expectations, approached him with care and eventually got the student to come into the office to work with her in a therapy room. She’s […]

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Terri S

Terri is always willing to take the time to work through the tough stuff with me. She is always looking for way to make things easier and more connected. Terri, your ability to share fresh take on things and offer a different approach that I otherwise may not have considered is appreciated!

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Briah K.

Briah is an amazing colleague and someone I can always turn to for fun and engaging therapy ideas! She always brings a smile to my face.

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