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How to Help Your Child be a Good Listener

Introduction Does your child ever have difficulty listening to you and following instructions? You may find this especially difficult around the holidays, right after they get home from school, or during times that your child is out of their typical routine. As a parent or caregiver, you may find yourself often repeating instructions or raising […]

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Is My Child a Gestalt Language Processor?

Does your child repeat scripts from a movie or a TV show? Does your child repeat long phrases frequently but have trouble communicating using single words? Your child might be a gestalt language processor. This means your child learns language differently than others learn. While learning and developing language, every child is different with respect […]

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see special needs students flourish in pandemic pods

How Special Needs Students Have Benefited from Pandemic Pods

COVID-19 disrupted the fundamental pillars of our society, causing us to rethink how we live. The way we work, the way we communicate, and the way we teach our children. When in-person schooling became unsafe in 2020, families and educators banded together to form an innovative new solution: COVID pods – small groups of students […]

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transition strategies for students with disabilities

How to Help Your Students With Disabilities Transition to High School

Change can be challenging for anyone. Even as an adult, transitioning to a new job, a different home, or any other significant change can be difficult. So you can imagine how tough it must be for kids – especially those with disabilities. High school can be compared to living on a new planet. There are […]

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