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Stuttering Therapy, What Does It Look Like?

The purpose of this article is to provide more information about what stuttering therapy may look like. Parents and teachers alike may crave more information about how to begin seeking any information or speech and language therapy for their child/student who stutters. Activities may vary by therapist. Replacing Myths with Facts Did you know that […]

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dialogic reading

Dialogic Reading: Engaging Your Child and Building Language Skills During Story Time

Nowadays at baby showers, many parents-to-be are requesting that guests bring a book that is signed with an inspirational or loving note instead of a card containing well-wishes. Most parents and caretakers are well aware that reading to their children is beneficial, but what many parents may not realize is that by simply changing your […]

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Ask an Expert Series: Questions and Answers on Speech and Language Therapy

Total Education Solutions (TES) created a question and answer series on our Instagram page called Ask an Expert. Our Speech and Language Pathologist, Stephane Tziavaras, M.A., CCC/SLP, answered the most common questions regarding Speech and Language Therapy. Stephane Tziavaras, M.A., CCC/SLP is a licensed and certified speech and language pathologist with 28 years of experience. She graduated […]

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10 Ways to Incorporate Speech Therapy Skills into Your Child’s Daily Life during COVID-19

We all want to feel connected more than ever now, especially as it may seem daunting to practice speech therapy skills at home with your child. To help ease overwhelmed feelings, these tips were made for parents, caregivers, siblings, grandparents, and friends in mind. 1. Go outside: Write the child’s speech or vocabulary words in hopscotch […]

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