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FAQs for School Administrators (Expand)

What are the benefits of contracting with Total Educations Solutions?

Total Education Solutions is the answer to your Special Education staffing needs. Our service agreement gives your school access to our multi-disciplinary team of highly qualified, licensed and certified personnel to serve the needs of students on IEPs and on 504s. Whether your needs are large or small, we work with you and your Special Education team to find a customized solution to fill your needs.

What are the cost benefits for working with Total Education Solutions?

Our Service Agreement includes all employee recruiting and employment costs. Our management team works with you to find the best possible solution to meet your needs and manage your budget. Our multi-tiered supervision model ensures that our providers receive ongoing training and supervision in their respective disciplines and your school is in compliance.

How long must I commit to a contract?

Our service agreements are good for 1-2 years depending on the needs of the school.

Are there a minimum number of hours that I must pay for in order to utilize the TES services?

Depending on your school’s needs, we customize the plan to fill even the small, hard to fill vacancies. From 1 hour a week to hundreds, we have a plan for you.

Do you provide in-person services to students in their homes?

We work with the schools to ensure the service delivery model meets the needs of the student’s IEP goals in the least restrictive environment. When in-person is not possible, online services may be utilized, if it is the best option for the student.

When can you start?

In many instances, we have providers that can fill your needs immediately. In some cases, the providers are not readily available and we will need to source for the perfect fit for your location and needs. We will work to make the transition to services are quick and efficient as possible and include you and your team every step of the way.

FAQ for Families (Expand)

Does Total Education Solutions take my insurance?

We at Total Education Solutions-TES Therapy offer a variety of payment options and accept a number of insurances. Please contact your closest Total Education Solutions-TES Therapy clinic to determine your best option for payment.

Does TES offer translation services?

Yes, TES offers both oral and written translation services. When available, TES will first utilize the client’s funding source. If translation services are not available through the funding source, TES will provide it through a contracted third party.

What services are offered in your clinics?

While our clinics are primarily utilized for Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Behavioral Services, many other services are also provided at our clinic sites including Academic Tutoring, Specialized Academic Services, Reading Intervention, Counseling Services and more. Contact your local TES Clinic to learn more.

May I attend services with my child?

Goals tend to be met sooner when the parents and caregiver are actively participating in the sessions and bring the sessions home and into the community with the child. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to attend sessions with their child whenever they are available. On some occasions, the TES provider may ask a parent to wait outside a session in order gain rapport with the child or for some behavioral interventions, but parents are welcome to discuss these sessions with the provider prior, during or after the session.

My child is sick and can’t attend their scheduled session, how do I contact our provider?

If your child is ill, we know that rest is the best medicine and we appreciate you choosing to keep your child home. Please reach out to your provider and/or the TES Clinic to cancel your appointment as soon as possible. When possible, a make-up session may be scheduled.

Will my child have the same therapist for every therapy appointment?

Once your child’s evaluation is complete and a treatment plan is established, our administrative staff will work with you to find a recurring therapy time that works with your schedule. We typically suggest that ongoing treatment be conducted with the same therapist to encourage rapport and maximize progress in therapy; however, there are some instances in which scheduling makes this difficult, or it is in the child’s best interest to work with different therapists. Both our administrative and clinical staff will discuss this with you as your child’s therapy appointments are scheduled.

What education/training do your therapists have?

Our therapists have advanced degrees in their field and are all fully licensed to practice in the state they are practicing, as well as their home state for therapists working online. TES Therapy believes in and supports the use of evidence-based treatment methods, and we provide our clinical staff the necessary resources to obtain ongoing continuing education to stay current in their fields. Many of our therapists have obtained specialized training in specific treatment approaches or areas of specialty.

What type of payment do you take?

We accept check, American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover cards, and money orders. We are happy to put a card on file for you if you prefer. Payment is due at the time of service.

What should I expect at my child’s first therapy appointment?

Much of what to expect will depend on the type of evaluation and the age of your child. Typically, when you first arrive (10-15 minutes before your appointment start time), the administrative staff will go over your insurance information, estimated payment, and our policies and procedures. They will collect your payment (if applicable) and completed intake paperwork at that time. Once your appointment starts, the therapist will bring you back to a treatment space, and will go over your child’s medical and developmental history with you, as well as the history of your presenting concerns. The therapist will then complete formal and/or informal assessment procedures, which may include asking you questions about your child’s symptoms, strengths, needs, behaviors, likes, and areas of concern. Initial evaluations typically last an hour, though additional time may be needed in some instances.