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Recognizing and Addressing Cyberbullying: A Parent’s Research & Experience

In today’s digital age, the internet has become an integral part of our children’s lives. While it offers numerous opportunities for learning, connecting, and creativity, it also brings with it the unfortunate reality of online bullying. As parents, we must recognize the signs of online bullying and take proactive steps to address it. Personally, having […]

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how is art therapy used for mental health

How Is Art Therapy Used for Mental Health?

Anyone who’s worked on an art project has experienced the joy of losing yourself in the experience and entering a flow state. Creating something uniquely yours can be very therapeutic, and this is what art therapy does. Creating art gives you a sense of accomplishment and an outlet for your inner feelings.  Indulging in different […]

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tips for managing student anxiety

Heading Back to School: Tips to Conquer Student Anxiety

As many students head back into the classrooms this fall, they face situations that looked and felt different before COVID all started. For many students younger and older wearing a mask, wondering about getting sick and worrying about loved ones with COVID could affect their mental and physical health.

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COVID Holiday Finding moments of joy banner image

COVID Holiday – Finding Moments of Joy in this Holiday Season

As we are all asked to stay safer at home this holiday, I was thinking about ways to find joy even in a few moments each day. I know we will all have different circumstances in our world as we experience the holidays during the COVID public health emergency. One way I find moments of […]

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