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the benefits of tutoring for students of all ages

The Undeniable Benefits of Tutoring and How It Helps Your Students

Picture yourself in this scenario: you’re a parent and it’s your child’s first day of school. You send them off with a backpack full of supplies and a lunchbox packed with their favorite foods. You watch them walk through the doors of the school and you can’t help but feel a little anxious. Will they […]

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how to become a tutor

TES Can Answer Your Questions About Becoming a Tutor

Do you have questions about Tutoring? Total Education Solutions can help you with resources and professionals to help lead you in the right direction. We recently interviewed one of our online academic tutors about her position and what it’s like to be a TES tutor. What makes a good tutor? A good tutor makes learning […]

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online special education services

How TES Can Help You to Make the Most of Your Child’s Online Special Education Services

Relax. This is a new adventure for everyone. Just like Murphy’s Law states, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” When things go awry, let them. We are here to help reduce the frustration and to turn these stressful times into teachable moments and communication opportunities. When it starts to get CRAZY, and it […]

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Child learning experience blog banner image

Getting the Most Out of your Child’s Online Learning Experience

Many of us are into our third week of this new reality of balancing our own work agendas with the added responsibility of making sure our children get their school work completed and arrive on time to their online sessions. The whole thing seems surreal and more than we ever bargained for. The good news […]

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