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Mrs Courtney

I fell better when I can talk

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Kayte Anderson

I want to thank Kayte for reading my guides and giving me feedback on how to improve them. Thank you, Kayte! I appreciate you!

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Lorette S.

Thank you Lorette for your guidance and support throughout the year. You will be missed. Lorette came through in a very sticky situation at a school I had been assigned to that drastically made changes last minute that affected me greatly. She stepped in and provided direction that finally, made the end of the school […]

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Terri S. and Dana F.

Thank you to the both who have been very supportive throughout this school year. Answering questions, taking the time to educate me on new formats/programs. Dana was great at teaching me how to use SEIS for IEP’s and Terri was wonderful in providing feedback on sticky situations. They were great bookends in navigating the school […]

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