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Lorette S.

Thank you for caring deeply about me not just as one of your team members but as a whole person. You have made a profound impact on me professionally and personally. (And thank you for hearing all my ideas too, even when they’re a little crazy!)

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Rene M.

Rene keeps a finger on the pulse of our clinic, our supplies stocked, and our families and clinic staff supported. Thank you for being the face of our region and on the front lines of driving our commercial insurance lines of business forward all while maintaining a gentle touch for those families in need. Your […]

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Corinne P.

Not just the local recruiter! Thank you for the countless lives you have touched, mentored, educated, supported, and even pushed to get to that next level. Your creative ideas for sourcing new talent are only surpassed by your ability to share what you know about conducting interviews, finding the right person, and helping us to […]

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Alma P.

When things get challenging, Alma digs in! Always ready to help out and open to learning new things, Alma consistently delivers. Thank you for your fresh ideas, friendly personality and never say no attitude! You embody TESness!

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