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Cuevas Medek Exercises (CME)

Ramon Cuevas, a physical therapist from Chili developed Cuevas Medek Exercises (CME) in 1972. CME therapy helps children with movement disorders such as cerebral palsy, down syndrome or global development delay develop balance against gravity in order to achieve their motor milestones.  It is a highly effective therapy that uses a 7 piece box set to […]

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Easy Homemade Hand Sanitizer

For times the stores are out of hand sanitizer, and hands need to be washed, try this simple and quick “recipe” for hand sanitizer! Super easy to make with only a few ingredients! Supplies Needed for Making Sanitizer Bowl Whisk or fork 2oz spray bottle funnel Ingredients 2/3 Cup Rubbing Alcohol 91% or higher (isopropyl […]

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How to avoid dry skin from washing your hands too often

Handwashing. We can all agree that it has become the mantra repeated over and over again by doctors and health authorities, who enforce the importance of this simple measure to prevent spreading multiple illnesses. As they recommend, we must do it with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and, if there is no […]

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Yoga Poses for Kids

  Source: Kids Yoga Stories

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