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Cuevas Medek Exercises (CME)

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Ramon Cuevas, a physical therapist from Chili developed Cuevas Medek Exercises (CME) in 1972. CME therapy helps children with movement disorders such as cerebral palsy, down syndrome or global development delay develop balance against gravity in order to achieve their motor milestones.  It is a highly effective therapy that uses a 7 piece box set to make countless configurations in order to constantly challenge the brain to elicit balance reactions and achieve motor milestones.

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What Makes CME More Effective than Other Therapies?

CME evaluation drives treatment

The evaluation is composed of 41 items that assess motor reactions during the first 16 months of age.  It can be used to evaluate children with unmistakable motor dysfunctions in order to establish a baseline of their motor performance which then determines the treatment plan.

Treatment is dynamic and challenging

CME is rooted in this idea by only completing each exercise for 3-8 repetitions and then moving on to another exercise.  If the child masters the exercise after one repetition, the therapist then selects another, more challenging exercise. CME uses gravity by using the most distal support possible and is constantly changing exercises to constantly challenge the brain. CME does not use support of parallel bars or walkers for balance.  It starts with uneven surfaces rather than progressing to uneven surfaces, as in traditional therapy.

“Absent” motor responses are provoked-change comes from the brain

Children have a genetic blueprint for motor responses, CME exercises elicit these responses.

Cooperation and motivation is not required in CME

Child will still benefit from exercises even if not actively cooperating with therapy.

Intensive blocks are recommended

Research shows that intensive therapy produces greater responses.

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