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Raul M.

Raul does not get enough recognition for all he does- on the front lines and behind the scenes. He can never be found without a smile and a “hello.” Thank you Raul for being the nicest person ever! And thank you for making HQ a safe place!

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Morgan B/M

Morgan is such a great leader- she is knowledgeable, patient and kind. She always pushes me to be self-sufficient and an independent thinker. I love coming to her with a problem because she always has a solution. Thank you Morgan for being a great teacher!

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Lolesia M.

For showing up at HQ throughout the past year when most staff were working remotely to ensure that everyone was paid on time. You are a true TES Rock Star!

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Brad L.

Brad has lot on his plate! I appreciate his quick responses and trying to find a workaround when he has to say No.

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