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Elodia C.

I greatly appreciate Elodia and her investigative skills. She has shown she is not afraid to dig deep to find the answer. This typically includes, calling an insurance company twice in one day or sitting on hold for an hour to speak with a customer service representative. She is crafty and will always find a […]

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Joyce T.

Joyce is always a great help! She is knowledgeable and a great teacher. I admire her work ethic and solution-oriented attitude. Joyce has taught me tips and tricks that make my work life easier and is never hesitant to answer all my dumb questions. Thank you Joyce for all you do (which is a lot)!

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Staci H.

Staci has taken me under her wing and helped me grow in my current role. She is a fierce leader who knows how to get the job done. I appreciate her work ethic and solution-oriented attitude. She never shames me for asking dumb questions on things I should already know. Thank you Staci for always […]

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Brad L.

Brad is always there to help with questions, concerns or problems. He is always helpful and never complains. He is patient in explaining solutions to any IT problems and always goes out of his way to help. Brad, thank you for being kind, funny and helpful!

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