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Paul B.

Paul always goes above and beyond, even when I tell him not to, and he does it with an abundance of positivity. He has turned my day around more than once! Thank you for being you Paul!

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Meaghan D.

Meaghan is a dynamic leader and role model. She leads by example. I am always amazed at how she is able to listen and address your issues/concerns like you are the most important item on her agenda. She actually asks for feedback and listens to her employees, implementing our suggestions to improve TES by giving […]

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Maddy Enriquez

Thank you for all you do day and day out! Thank you for supporting our team through the ins and outs that is the behavior team. Your support and patience has been invaluable to us!!!

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Marisalyn C.

Marisalyn has done an amazing job at learning the ins and outs of Ohio billing! I appreciate the effort you have put into learning the various requirements for each insurance company!

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