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Helping picky eaters with Sequential Oral Sensory Approach blog banner image

Helping picky eaters with Sequential Oral Sensory Approach

“My child is a picky eater, should I be worried?”  Many children are picky eaters and will expand their diets as they grow and develop.  However, the real concern is children who are not just picky eaters but those who are problem feeders. Current research shows that most problem feeders have underlying deficits including motor- […]

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Life of a Parent blog banner image

Life of a Parent

This is Jen B, Occupational Therapy Assistant for #teamTES in Columbus, OH. She’s also an extraordinary mom, and has shared her reflections on raising a son with Autism. “My first born baby was diagnosed with Autism and my family’s world changed immediately. I was a nurse, I had taken care of children with multiple needs […]

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parenting tips for kids with sensory processing disorder

Sensational Parenting: Tips for Helping Kids Navigate a Sensory Processing Disorder

You adore your sensitive, active or “spirited” child, but his sensory needs pose unique challenges.  Here are some parenting tips from an occupational therapist for creating a supportive environment at home for a child with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Explore your own sensory needs Are you overwhelmed in crowded places or bothered by background noise […]

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