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What is an Autism Navigator?

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Imagine your child has just been diagnosed with Autism. Maybe you don’t have to imagine this. Maybe you are one of nearly 1.5 million families in the US who have a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. When a child is diagnosed with Autism, families often report a range of feelings. Some experience fear, some intense sadness, and some even report relief about finally having an answer but nearly all families report confusion and anxiety about next steps.

Getting Your Child the Help They Need

How do families get the Autism support they need? How do families navigate school choices? What does ABA mean? What are  IEPs or ETRs or any of the millions of acronyms used to talk about Autism treatment? How can families give their child the help they need and still manage all of the emotions about this new diagnosis?

TES’ Autism Navigator Program (ANP)

At Total Education Solutions (TES) we are proud to offer support to newly diagnosed families through our Autism Navigator Program (ANP). The ANP is based on recent scholarly research that suggests newly diagnosed families need more support in accessing services and getting the recommended follow-up care.

Autism Navigators

  • Get families connected to services.
  • Provide educational support about Autism.
  • Offer individualized support around coping skills.
  • Create a safe place for families to process emotions associated with a new diagnosis of Autism.

Autism Navigators meet with you regularly and individually after a new diagnosis. At TES, Autism Navigators are experts in the field of Autism and understand the unique supports that families need.

Parenting is a challenging job and parenting a child with a disability can be overwhelming. Autism Navigators walk alongside families to provide education, support, and access to services. They serve as your go-to person for Autism information, questions and guidance in those important early days of a new diagnosis.

Meet one of our Autism Navigators and hear how she provides assistance to newly diagnosed families. Or, find more information about TES Academy, our premier charter private school for children with autism spectrum disorders.


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