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Developmental Screening 7-9 Months

Welcome to your Developmental Screening 7-9 Months

My child can sit independently without support or with propping themselves with their hand(s

My child can pivot themselves around in a circle on their tummy

My child can crawl on tummy across floor

My child can crawl on hands and knees across floor

My child is beginning to pull self up on furniture

My child can step sideways along furniture holding on

My child can stand with both hands held

My child can push themselves up to sit from lying on the floor form both sides

My child watches the path of an item as it falls

My child puts things in mouth

My child moves items smoothly from one hand to the other

My child picks up small items (Cheerios) between thumb and index finger

My child using their fingers to point at things

My child understands the word no

My child plays or participates in simple games, like peek-a-boo

My child makes sounds that differ (for example: “mamama” “dadada”)

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