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Developmental Screening 5-6 Months

Welcome to your Developmental Screening 5-6 Months

My child can push up to extended arms to lift head and chest when on tummy

My child controls head with support for sitting around chest/under arms-

My child bears weight through legs to “stand” when held upright at chest

My child rolls to and from belly over both sides

My child can freely move head and does not keep head either turned to one side or tilts head to one side

My child reaches for toys with one hand while lying on tummy

My child tries to pull to sit up when hands held from lying on back

My child looks around at things nearby

My child brings things to mouth

My child begins to pass things from one hand to the other

My child responds when you call his/her name

My child puts vowels together when he/she babbles (for example: “oo” “ee”)

My child is beginning to use consonant sounds in his/her speech (for example: “m” “b”)

My child responds to sounds you made by making sounds of his own

My child shows joy and displeasure by making sounds

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