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Developmental Screening 3-4 months

Welcome to your Developmental Screening 3-4 months

My child can prop on elbows to lift head on tummy

My child maintains head up and looking forward when held up in sitting

My child actively bats at or reaches for toys overhead

My child can freely move head and does not keep head either turned to one side or tilts head to one side

My child rolls to side from back

My child has found/reaches for feet/toes

My child follows moving things with eyes from side to side

My child recognizes familiar people and things at a distance

My child uses hands and eyes together, such as seeing a toy and reaching for it

My child reaches with toy with one hand

My child watch faces closely

My child mimicking the sounds he/she hears

My child cries in varying ways to show he/she is hungry or tired

My child is beginning to babble

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