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Developmental Screening 13-18 Months

Welcome to your Developmental Screening 13-18 Months

My child walks independently

My child can squat to pick up item off floor and return to standing/walking

My child is starting to walk up steps with help

My child rolls a ball back and forth while seated

My child starting to throw ball while standing keeping balance

My child begins to reach on tip toes while holding for balance

My child is able to scribble on paper

My child drinks from a cup

My child eats with a spoon

My child can help dress and undress self

My child knows what common things are used for (for example: spoon, brush)

My child points to show someone what he/she wants

My child likes to hand objects or toys to others as play

My child explores by himself, but with you close by

My child is saying several one word utterances (single words)

My child says “no” and shake his/her head “no”

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