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Developmental Screening 10-12 Months

Welcome to your Developmental Screening 10-12 Months

My child sits with balance to reach out to grab toy on both sides

My child kneels independently

My child can stand without assistance, stands up from middle of the floor

My child can walk with one hand held

My child starting to walk independently

My child begins to climb on and off furniture/crawl up stairs

My child finds hidden things easily

My child looks at the right picture or thing when it is named

My child bangs two things together

My child puts things in container and takes things out of container

My child lets toys/items go from grasp without help

My child pokes with index (pointer) finger

My child removes their own socks

My child hands me a book when he/she wants to hear a story

My child responds to simple spoken requests

My child uses simple gestures, such as waving “bye-bye”

My child speaks in sounds with changes in tone to mimic speech patterns

My child uses one word utterances (for example: mama)

My child tries to say the words I say

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