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diy paper crafts for kids

DIY Paper Crafts For Kids – Occupational Therapy

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Face Frog Craft

diy frog

Did you know that frogs come from eggs?

Frogs lay their eggs in water. The eggs hatch into tadpoles that swim in the water. Tadpoles use their tails to swim. As the tadpole gets older it grows 2 legs. Then it grows 2 more legs to become a froglet. A froglet loses its tail to becomes a frog.

Frogs live near the water. They are amphibians, which means they can live in the water or on land. They live in the water as tadpoles and on land when they grow up.

Materials needed for craft:

  1. Scissors
  2. Glue (Bottle or stick)
  3. Black crayon or marker
  4. Green crayon or marker
  5. White, red, and green construction paper included in packet
  6. Frog template ½ sheet
  7. Life cycle of a frog coloring sheet

During OT we will:

1.   Color worksheet.

2.   Cut green ovals.

3.   Cut white circles

4.   Draw black circles inside white circles for eyes.

5.   Put glue on 1 green oval.

6.   Put oval on ½ sheet template.

7.   Put glue on both white circles

8.   Put circles on ½ template.

9.   Fold 2nd green oval in half longways.

10. Put glue on the back lower half of oval.

11. Put oval on the lower half of oval on the ½ sheet.

12. Curl red strip around marker, crayon, or pencil.

13. Take red strip off of marker, crayon, or pencil.

14. Put glue on the back of the bottom end of the red strip.

15. Put strip end against the fold of the oval.

Caterpillar Craft

diy caterpillar

Did you know that caterpillars turn into butterflies and moths?

Caterpillars start as eggs. From eggs they turn into caterpillars. Caterpillars find a tree branch to hang onto to make a chrysalis. The chrysalis keeps the caterpillar safe as it changes into a butterfly or moth.

Materials needed for craft:

  1. Black crayon or marker
  2. Construction paper in packet: 2 strips, 1 green sheet with leaf, 1 yellow square with ½ oval.
  3. Glue (Bottle or stick)
  4. Scissors

During OT we will:

1. Cut solid lines of the leaf and ½ oval.

2. Draw lines on the leaf and face on ½ oval.

3. Fold dotted line on ½ oval.

4. Fold antennas up on ½ oval.

5. Arrange paper strips ends to make a “L”.

6. Glue strips together.

7. Fold strips over each other.

8. Glue strips together.

9. Glue face onto strip.

Abstract Butterfly Craft

DIY paper craft butterfly

Did you know that butterflies come from eggs?

Butterflies start as eggs. The eggs then become caterpillars. Caterpillars form a chrysalis to protect themselves while they change into butterflies. The change from caterpillar to butterfly is called metamorphosis.

Materials needed for craft:

  1. Crayons or markers
  2. 2 colored sheets of construction paper
  3. 1 white sheet of paper
  4. 2-3 coins of different sizes
  5. Glue
  6. Scissors

During OT we will:

1. Cut out 2 triangles the same size.

2. Cut out 2 larger triangles the same size

3. Cut out rectangle and circle.

4. Glue rectangle onto white paper.

5. Glue circle above rectangle.

6. Glue 1 small triangle on each side of the rectangle

7. Glue 1 larger triangle on each side of the rectangle above smaller triangles.

8. Trace 2-3 coins on each triangle to make circles.

9. Color in each circle.


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